Thursday, 14 September 2017

Postdoc In Systems Biocatalysis

The research area of the postdoc is centered on the design and development of in vitro enzyme cascades, to expand nature’s current capabilities with respect to natural product biosynthesis. To achieve this, the successful candidate will capitalize on enzyme discovery based on retrobiocatalysis and predictions from metabolic modeling, to discover novel promiscuous enzyme functions. Enzyme design and engineering tools developed at KTH will be utilized to expand catalytic versatilities of biocatalyst. Furthermore, the project will utilize mass spectrometry to provide an enhanced fundamental understanding of how the dynamic landscape of evolved biocatalysts are linked to the desired catalytic function. One milestone in the project will be efficient generation of functionalized terpenes by artificial cascades based on oxidoreductases and terpene biosynthetic machineries - from metabolic building blocks to final “decorated” scaffold. As terpenes constitute the most diversified class of polycyclic natural products with potent bioactivities, this is expected to have a large impact on academic and industrial research.


PhD degree in chemistry not older than five years. Research experience from design and synthesis of various organic compounds, metal complexes and metal oxides, the use of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical technology to investigate the properties of catalysts in solutions and in functional cells is a necessary requirement.

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